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Bringing meaning to the world of work


Trevor-Roberts is a boutique consultancy helping organisations and their employees deal with changes in employment and leadership development.

Founded over 20 years ago and now being run by the second generation of the family business, Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts, they appointed Brother & Co to refresh their brand, develop a clear brand strategy and provide the communication tools they required to drive growth.



The category is very dry and corporate. There are a lot of brands that look like they were designed by a committee and not much vision evident.

As a boutique consultancy with a very well-regarded team and strong track record of success, Trevor-Roberts were uniquely placed to carve out their own niche in the category.

Dr Trevor-Roberts has a very clear philosophy on the importance and role of work, something which is very appealing to like-minded organisations.



There was a complexity to this challenge that we needed to unpack, with multiple service streams (Restructures/Leadership and Organisational Team Development/Career Development) along with a dual target of Organisations (primarily the HR and Procurement Teams) along with the End Users of our services.

We also had the societal impacts of the working world post-Covid with changes to the way people worked and the challenges that had presented to company cultures.

We began by conducting one-on-one interviews with a broad mix of existing clients, potential clients and clients we had missed out on. We also spoke to workers at many ages and stages to hear what they were looking for.



A mockup of a A4 Brochure for Trevor Roberts
Image Features LinkedIn Profile of Trevor Roberts


Trevor-Roberts are fascinated by the world of work – and believe in a different kind of success.

One that delivers incredible end-of-day satisfaction by helping people find and experience meaningful work.

We wanted to tap into that belief in the power of purpose. And creatively demonstrate their difference in a sea of sameness in the category.

We needed a brand platform that encapsulated the fact that they weren’t just some HR company. They offer so much more.

They help with change. They make sense of the chaos. They deliver optimism for the future…

They understand that we all spend far too long working for it to be anything less than special.

So they are driven to bring meaning to the world of work.

And they rise with the same plan and goal for every single day and every single decision:





This platform allows us to talk to both client organisations and end user employees in a compelling way.

It has a bit of attitude to it, unusual in the stuffy corporate world the brand competes in. And is built around action – not just talk.

It provides a rallying cry for both Trevor-Roberts employees and future clients – and is a very appealing sentiment especially for new economy companies.

The platform and creative messaging positions us in a very clear space, and most importantly stays true to the Founders’ vision.


The refreshed Trevor-Roberts brand is now live in-market and being rolled out across the business. Their in-house design and proposal team have been armed with the tools they need to deliver consistent messaging and presentations, and the mantra of ‘make it meaningful’ has been embraced by clients and employees alike.


An image of a woman leading a meeting with new Trevor Roberts branding on the TV screen
You can view a Shameless Plug for Brother & Co from Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts:




  • Category and competitor research
  • Client interviews and research
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand development
  • Logo design
  • Brand design system
  • Messaging matrix
  • Style Guide
  • Roll-out of assets including Presentation and Proposal templates

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