Spicers Retreats - Dine Unforgettable


Luxury retreats to fine dining destinations

Spicers Retreats had built up formidable food credentials. At the time, they had been awarded 7 chefs hats across 7 retreats. We needed to get word out.

Our solution: An invitation to come Dine Unforgettable. 

Our idea suggested that while there are many great dining destinations, none combined as many ingredients so finely as a dining sojourn to Spicers Retreats. Here, passion for local produce, world-class technique and generosity combine with some of Australia’s most breathtaking escapes to deliver a truly unforgettable experience. 

With the concept cracked, all that was left to do was to assemble a crew of the best food photographers and stylists to collaborate with Spicer’s Chefs for one almighty and mouth watering food shoot.


  • Campaign strategy and concept 
  • Script and narrative 
  • Food styling guide 
  • Production management 
  • Campaign roll out