The Scenic Rim


From unknown to unmissable destination.

A fulfilling experience was only an hour from Brisbane yet most of the holidaying populous couldn’t place The Scenic Rim on a map.  

Worse still, years of drought and fires had devastated local tourism operators. A big brave step change was required and that’s what Brother delivered.

Welcome to the Richest Place on Earth, in Australia.

It started with Brother donating campaign development fees to the relief effort, it resulted in a campaign that made locals proud and won a Tourism Gold for best marketing campaign.

Legend has it the campaign also got Lonely Planet so interested that they awarded the Scenic Rim their 2022 Best in Travel top 10. Yep, a global visitor recommendation – nestled between a Chilean Desert and Frances Burgundy!

Today the region continues to do it in their own way with tourism visitation and offerings increasing across the region.


  • Consumer profiling and segmentation
  • Brand positioning
  • Campaign concepting
  • Stakeholder management and focus group research
  • Campaign production including motion and stills shoot