SQD Athletica


From entrepreneurial idea to fashion reality.

The Vita Group had spotted an opportunity – a change in men’s health priorities was driving the athleisure category to record heights.


A name, brand positioning and brand identity was required to capture the interest and wallets of this growing sector. It wasn’t going to be easy with the established brands like Nike and global fast starters like GymShark and Lululemon investing heavily in the category.


“Fit for life” was the line that encapsulated the purpose of the brand and the attitude of the SQD Athletica guy. Keen to workout but not buying into the better you / athlete inside rhetoric. In fact research revealed they were just as likely to have a beer after a workout as a protein shake!


  • Brand name

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand purpose

  • Brand identity

  • Brand book

  • Advertising campaigns