Art of Blend


Brand refresh – get it on the counter.

Frosty Boy Global had ambitions to increase their penetration of their legacy syrup mixer in the highly competitive international coffee chain and roaster markets. 

Our remit was to modernise and elevate the brand by developing a new brand positioning and visual identity that would provide clear differentiation and desire.

The benchmark – a design so compelling that coffee retailers would proudly stock it on their counter, not hide it under.

Innovative baristas can use Art of Blend in hundreds of ways. These creative expressions and possibilities were our inspiration for a simple lettermark set against the flavourful and striking refreshment.

Art, craft and simplicity in balance.


  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand identity and tone of voice
  • Messaging matrix
  • Integrated design labels and packaging
A laptop screen displaying the website for Art of Blend. On the right-hand side, there is a frappe coffee cup and a package of Art of Blend coffee mix.
A poster for Art of Blend on a stand outside a coffee shop. The poster features a caramel frappe drink with whipped cream and a straw.
A setup of Art of Blend packaging featuring a caramel syrup bottle, a milk chocolate drink mix pack, a yogurt smoothie base bag, a cup, and a scooper.
A row of 8 Art of Blend mix packages, including White Chocolate, Spiced Chai, Belgian Chocolate, Mocha Latte, Yogurt Smoothie Base, Iced Coffee, Dairy Frappe Base, and Milk Chocolate.
Three Art of Blend logos applied on different surfaces, showcasing the brand refresh work Brother and Co has done.
Front and back of two Art of Blend milk chocolate bags