Droughtmaster Australia


Reversing the fortunes of an ailing icon.

Droughtmaster Australia is a 60 year old Breed Society that was established to promote and foster the growth of an Australian cattle breed, the Droughtmaster.

Despite being officially recognised as a Queensland Icon, Droughtmaster had a potentially terminal problem – national breed herd numbers and membership were in lockstep decline. 

As part of a strategic transformation initiated by the President Todd Heyman and newly appointed CEO Simon Gleeson, Brother & Co undertook significant supply chain and stakeholder research to develop a new brand positioning, identity and architecture for the organisation.

Adopting the tagline “Australia’s Natural Wonder”, the new brand leveraged existing heritage, breed benefits and consumer demands. 

Today the breed has seen a significant increase in new members, a consistent price premium. along with herd growth and has been shortlisted for the prestigious Australian business transformation awards.


  • Brand positioning & tagline

  • Brand portfolio review

  • Brand identity refresh

  • Website design and build

  • Campaigns – brand awareness & performance advertising