From pool shop to maker of backyard memories.

2022 was Poolwerx’s 30th anniversary. Brother saw an opportunity to use the accolade to show how Poolwerx helps Aussies turn their pools into the greatest places to make backyard memories. 

The campaign featured iconic poolside moments, ranging from slo-mo worthy one-handers during classic catches, young summer romances, ice cream headaches and epic pool parties to name a few. At the centre of this, we placed the local Poolwerx team, ready and committed to helping your pool be its healthiest, now and for years to come.

To add more sizzle, we created a promo that invites customers to share in the celebrations.


  • Concept creation 
  • Internal stakeholder management 
  • Photography and TVC production management 
  • Campaign roll-out and extension 
  • In-store collateral 
  • Campaign promo 
  • Social media asset creation