Union Health


Growth through focus and portfolio expansion,

Teachers Union Health enjoyed one of Australia’s highest customer satisfaction scores for a private health fund. 

But in 2018, TUH members in Queensland were targeted by member funds from southern jurisdictions, funds that were also committed to teachers. Part of their well-resourced acquisition campaigns focussed on the fact that TUH was providing health insurance to those outside their core bond of teachers.

In response, TUH took decisive action, returning the TUH brand to its exclusive focus on teachers and creating a new brand for all other members who also wanted to enjoy TUH benefits. 

Union Health was born and with its distinctive identity and member fist ethos has grown rapidly beyond its Queensland genesis.


  • Desk research

  • Brand name

  • Brand strategy – purpose and positioning 

  • Brand tagline

  • Brand identity development

  • Character development

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Marketing toolkit