Changes to energy regulation meant potential savings for Queenslanders.

Brother was appointed with Newgate Communications to develop the campaign strategy and creative for the Queensland Government’s Dept of Energy and Public works, previously known as DEWS. 

The focus of the campaign was to help Queenslanders understand that changes to the electricity regulation could mean they could find better energy deals and enjoy more savings. 

To help Queenslanders take action, our campaign focussed on dramatising the potential savings rather than delve into the fine print of the regulation. We simply wanted Queenlanders to know that saving could be afoot and that any savings made on their power bill meant a few extra dollars they could spend elsewhere. 

In bringing the idea to life, we needed to ensure the campaign creative had wide appeal and was easily understood. 

Our idea was as distinct as it was literal: We made the savings speak for themselves… literally. 

Our hero imagery featured faces superimposed on everyday items telling of the potential savings that beckoned. Suddenly tool belts were telling tradies they could buy more tools, while grocery bags told households they could afford a few more things at the till… all by simply shopping around for the best energy deals.


  • Campaign strategy 
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Concept development 
  • Production management 
  • Asset roll out of large through the line campaign