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Advanced Optometry:
Creating a distinctive brand vision


Our client, David Foresto is an optometrist with advanced expertise in contact lenses.
His knowledge allows him to treat severe conditions that traditionally fall under the remit of eye specialists or Ophthalmologists. Despite the fact that David is not a specialist, he receives referrals from organisations such as OPSM and Specsavers.
David’s business was operating as EyeQ Optometrist and as David Foresto Contact Lenses. The EyeQ brand was the main brand which is used day-to-day for general optometry, while David’s own personal brand promoted his specialist custom contact lens business.
His practice had begun to straddle a space where neither of his specialisations were represented accurately – inhibiting business growth.


In the optometry brand space, Brother & Co saw the chance to provide something new and distinctive that allowed David’s practice to stand out in the market but also to grow all of his product and service lines:

  • General optometry
  • Specialist
  • Retail
  • Education

All we needed was the right brand territory to pull it all together.


Our insight for developing a single brand came from David’s product offering. We developed three brand territories to serve as creative springboards, all of which resonated strongly with both the client and prospective customers.


People sometimes say that they might be able to see again. He returns that possibility.

The Specialist

He’s more than just an optometrist


Where others fail, we see


David wanted to create his own brand that allowed him to promote his speciality, without isolating his target audiences which included everyone from conservative older people through to kids. It was hugely important that the new brand did not make these customers feel like the brand was too premium or expensive for them.


Our aim was to create a brand identity that was modern, warm and inviting, not cutting edge and exclusive. Design would play a major role. Older eyes react differently to light, so we needed to be careful with contrast levels in the work and consider the size of headlines and the use of text and photography. 

The agency also set about developing a new brand territory that elevated David’s varied practice and showed specialisation without saying it. A name that promoted the idea of a modern practice whilst also communicating traditional values. 

The final name chosen was:

Tonally, Advanced Optometry was perfect, however at the next stage of the creative process, we also found a way to maintain the equity of the Foresto name. The final brand name became Advanced Optometry: Vision by Foresto.

Visual Idea

This concept was helmed by a visual device inspired by the effect of light as it passes through an iris. Deliberate, and built on a perfect grid, the lines were suggestive of advanced technique and skill.

We created a range of conceptual assets to bring the idea to life.


Advanced Optometry – Vision by Foresto has now launched, bringing to life our vision for the brand. We look forward to rolling out further assets soon.


  • Brand identity and strategy
  • Brand design guidelines & tone of voice development
  • Messaging matrix
  • Brand positioning & purpose
  • Customer segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Value proposition
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Brand architecture development
  • Portfolio planning
  • Research & analysis

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