Rebrand and reposition for growth.

Sometimes a loyal client base is not enough to guarantee ongoing success. 

The leadership team at Queensland Police Credit Union recognised this and embarked on a strategic transformation to extend their member footprint to include all of Queensland’s emergency responders, not just the QPS.

A similar strategy by another Queensland member financial organisation was so badly executed that the new bank lost the majority of its members to the big four within a year of rebranding. A wholesale disaster we needed to avoid.

The Brother team was engaged for the entire transformational journey: From research to board presentations and advertising campaigns.

Brand purpose lead the brand strategy. Reinforcing QBANK’s dedication to serving the members of the Queensland community who serve others. 

Advertising represented the breadth of the membership base and reinforced the values and bond shared by those Queenslanders who choose to serve all Queenslanders.


  • Brand name

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand purpose

  • Brand identity

  • Brand book

  • Advertising campaigns