CSQ Indigenous Campaign


From Uni to a place where First Nations people can be what they want to be.

The Background

CQUniversity has a proud history of being one of Australia’s most diverse universities with a strong footprint of campuses in regional Queensland. They tasked Brother to help create a campaign that encouraged more First Nations students to embark on their study journey with CQU.

To ensure campaign strategy and messaging was relevant to this cohort, Brother worked with CQUni Marketing and their Office of Indigenous Engagement to create a panel which would act as a vital cultural sounding board. This panel consisted of various First Nations staff, influencers and even past students from across Queensland.

Through the various stages of strategy and creative development, we shared, listened and refined, gaining vital insight and guidance from our panelists.

The Creative

It was clear that effective messaging needed to do more than promote CQU as a place to study. 

We needed to inspire a sense of belief and position CQU as a place that not only provided knowledge but a place that offered genuine and welcoming support to First Nations people. 

The campaign idea of SEE IT. BE IT brought this notion to life in an relatable way. 

Our creative showcased past and current students speaking through a unified voice of how they discovered that, despite their fears and reservations they found their place at CQU. The campaign also featured real support staff and elders within the CQU community. 

Finally, CQU supplied original artwork which were added to their brand codes to better help identify campaign elements to relevant audiences. 

The campaign has been received extremely positively by CQU’s indigenous community. 


  • Communications Strategy
  • Stakeholder management
  • Insighting via cultural panel 
  • Creative development
  • Production Supervision
  • Asset rollout across TV, Radio, Press and Website