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Sure Insurance:
From a vision shared over lunch to a challenger brand in two years.


Bradley Heath had a bold vision: to create an insurance company that could deliver fairly-priced insurance to the people that needed it most: people who lived in places such as Cairns and Townsville where annual home and contents insurance premiums can be several thousand dollars a month. Yes, a month!


We threw the full strategy toolkit at this project. We undertook deep desk and customer research, including focus groups, and defined prospective customer segments, customer journeys and value propositions, all in a bid to help us not only successfully position the brand but name it too.


We recognised that in an effort to differentiate themselves from competitors, simplicity and straight talk had been abandoned by the brands in the Queensland insurance market. Moreover, insurers were not delivering according to customer expectations.


Insurance. But Fair.


We avoided a lot of the category clichés and recognised regional Queenslanders’ desire for direct, no-nonsense messages. This meant leading with a confident tone, tangible evidence and a clear and believable promise.


Working with a start-up budget to compete against large and established companies, we knew that everything in the Sure brand set would need to punch well above its weight.

Using bold orange and simple graphics, we were able to create cut-through and land the Sure difference.


Brother created a mix of traditional, social and digital assets almost exclusively in-house, which helped the client make the most of their budget.


On the website, we had an opportunity to establish the Sure offering in more detail, led by a brand manifesto video and a succinct BBQ pitch.

Product information was kept clear and concise while key actions, such as quoting, contacts and claims, were always front and centre.


Following its successful launch, Brother has continued to support the Sure team to plan follow-up campaigns. We are also monitoring the performance of the website and search strategies to improve and build on the strengths of the site.


  • Brand strategy
  • Research and focus group facilitation
  • Brand positioning
  • Value proposition and purpose
  • Brand identity and naming
  • Campaign launch
  • Digital and content strategy and execution
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Website build
  • Animation and TVC

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