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Scenic Rim:
Helping a region celebrate its abundance


The Scenic Rim is a naturally beautiful region located an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Lacking a cohesive brand strategy, the Scenic Rim Council asked us to create a clear plan for the way forward to success.

Our strategy hinged on understanding the tourism industry locally and abroad, as well as the drivers at play when choosing a destination for a short, medium or long stay. We also needed to have a clear understanding of what the region has to offer and what makes it different from, or better than similar destinations in Queensland, Australia and further afield. The proposition was crystallised by the insight that richness was not just intrinsic to the fertile soil of the region but that it extended to the mindset of everyone that lives and works there, namely, their belief that true abundance goes beyond money. Thus, having experienced the region’s captivating beauty, the passion and generosity of its people and the opportunity to reconnect with what is truly important, visitors leave enriched and changed for the better.

Scenic Rim - Creative


A compelling insight allowed us to set up the creative platform based on one simple thought: Perhaps the most valuable thing we can do with our lives is to spend more time with the people we love in places that make us feel alive, connected and enriched. 

This led us to the campaign platform ‘The Richest place on Earth in Australia.

With local operators in desperate need of support after the fires and drought, we knew we had to create something unmissable.  We challenged ourselves to create a brand campaign that showed the region and its locals in the best possible light … and brought the Richest place on Earth in Australia concept to life with as much charisma as possible.


With tourism still very much suffering the effects of Covid, we are proud to say that the Scenic Rim has been virtually fully booked since the initial launch and ongoing roll-out of our campaign.

Do yourself a favour and book yourself a trip there. Oh, and tell them Brother sent you.


  • Brand identity and strategy
  • Brand design guidelines and tone of voice development
  • Customer segmentation
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Brand architecture development
  • Portfolio planning
  • Research and analysis
  • Concept development
  • Copywriting 
  • Design and art direction 
  • Explainer videos & animation
  • Production facilitation
  • Campaign photography 
  • Asset production and management
  • Video production

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