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Using Beef as our inspiration for Beer


Newstead Brewing is a family-owned brewery which produces more than one million litres of beer each year.  The Newstead Brewing Co founder, and owner Peter Howes also runs a Droughtmaster Stud at his property “Balmoral Ridge” on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  Droughtmaster is Australia’s Natural Wonder, one of the most sought-after cattle breeds.

Peter’s team at Newstead created Droughtie, a mid-strength premium lager, with a portion of the sale proceeds of every can going to help the Droughtmaster Society.

We were tasked to create the brand design that would work across can, cartons, a tap and various corporate livery.



We are the brand architects behind the refreshed Droughtmaster strategy and design. With this project we saw an opportunity to take our unique character and tone and encapsulate it on a beer.

We decided to maintain our brandline of ‘Australia’s Natural Wonder’ as it fitted in perfectly with the beer’s natural, preservative free origins.

As our client described it, at the end of the day it was crucial that ‘this was a good looking beer to have in your hand for the everyday drinker.’


Our Audience are loyalists in a very competitive mateship category. We need to connect with those in the city and the country – we are the genuine article. Droughtmaster members- our regional base to build from.

Our converts need to value us above other beers to command a premium. We’ll be selling 24 cans not 30. Craft in itself is not premium. This is a well earned reward.

Punters will drink the label, then the beer, then consume the story. They have to connect with the story, layers are good but they shouldn’t get in the way of an easily recognisable badge. Explore iconic accessible symbols.



There’s something spiritual about our unforgiving land as we admire and recognise the cattlewomen and men around Australia farming it.

Moments of brilliance have come from these people and parts including, Australia’s natural wonder, Droughtmaster™. This cherished breed of cattle is our very own – created in the 1930’s to overcome the perennial problems of drought.

We want to shine a light on those who work with the beast, the members of the Droughtmaster™ society who put in the hard yards to nurture this wonder.

We say CHEERS to them. Newstead Brewing are proud sponsors of the Droughtmaster™ Stud Breeders’ Society Australia.


Power, virility, presence. The bull is one of the world’s great symbols.

A bold entrant to the market, this design instantly claims its premium place.

Silver and black, bend and block to generate character and distinction. Spirited type goes its own way adding further presence.

Buying this beer, holding this in your hand, makes a statement- understood and unforgettable.


Droughtie Mid-Strength Premium Lager is now available on tap at the Newstead brewpubs in Milton & Newstead, with cans, kegs and cartons also being rolled out.  Soon, it will also be available at bottle shops and on tap at many pubs and clubs throughout Queensland.

Brother & Co are now working on further projects with the Newstead Brewing team.


  • Packaging Design

  • Corporate Livery

  • Stakeholder Management

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