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Brand Identity is always a wise investment.


Leithner & Co is an unlisted public investment company, primarily sought-out by high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.
For over 20 years, they’ve practiced the traditional ‘value’ approach to investment pioneered by Benjamin Graham and adapted by Warren Buffett.
The founder of the company, Chris Leithner wrote the book on value investing in Australia, 2005’s The Intelligent Australian Investor, and is a well-respected voice in the industry.


With former Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart assuming the Chairman’s role, Leithner & Co were keen to grow the amount of funds under their investment.
As part of this, they tasked Brother & Co to undertake a Brand Refresh, developing a new positioning, brand identity, tone of voice and website.


We engaged the key Leithner Directors in a greyspace workshop to ensure we fully understood their vision and goals.

It became clear that their adherence to the long-term investment philosophy, not short-term thinking was the key attribute to bring to life.

We explored a range of Positioning Territories encapsulated in short taglines, written brand manifestos and visual/colour references.

We wanted to understand where the clients’ head was at, and what they felt would resonate most strongly with shareholders willing to invest a minimum of $500,000.


One of the Leithner & Co principles is to not waste shareholders funds on glitzy communications or fancy documents. It was important that we kept this in mind as we progressed through the creative journey. Whilst we needed to appeal to high net worth individuals we couldn’t seem overly flash or complicated.
We decided a simple tagline was the way to go, encapsulating the benefit of what we do, and the process we take to deliver.

We wanted to develop a brand mark which was relevant, distinctive and appealing. After sharing visual stimulus and thinking with our client, we agreed on the telescope/rising graph device. It was a visual summation of what we do – taking the long view on investing, and delivering consistent growth.

The warmer colour palette provided a key point of difference in a world of blues and blacks. It felt more approachable, but also allowed us to touch on some of the finer things in life.


An easy to follow website gave prospective shareholders a taste of what Leithner & Co could offer, with evidence of their consistent results and thoughtful philosophy.

This was also the first time we had ever done a drop-down menu that required people to say they would be willing to invest the minimum $500,000. Career goal ticked!

Leithner Web Update from Piet Human on Vimeo.


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Identity
  • Launch B2B campaign
  • Digital and content strategy plus execution
  • Complete website redesign
  • Photography / Film production facilitation

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