Amaroo Bangalow


From client vision to luxury brand.

Brother was approached to develop the brand for a boutique luxury retreat near Bangalow, NSW. The owners had a clear vision for the desired experience but sought guidance in transforming it into a contemporary high-end brand.

Through workshops, site visits, and collaborative sessions, we exchanged ideas on conceptual territories and explored examples of modern luxury retreat brands. Gradually, we laid the foundations for the brand, capturing its essence and purpose. 

A place where intimacy awaits.

Next, we delved into the realm of visual branding, recognising the importance of architecture, connection, and tranquillity for this project. We also educated the clients on the subtle intricacies involved in developing luxury brands: exercising restraint, establishing a refined but authentic tone, and possessing a strong point of view.

For the brand identity, we opted for a carefully curated selection of photographs highlighting the exquisite architecture, luxurious experiences, and discerning guests. These images formed an elegant yet approachable canvas. Additionally, we developed a handcrafted wordmark that exuded casual sophistication, symbolising the brand’s desire to warmly welcome and put guests at ease. Furthermore, an icon representing the hill on which the property is nestled completes the core brand identity.

To infuse the brand with more intrigue and personality, we sparingly incorporated whimsical hand-drawn illustrations. These elements, combined with carefully chosen colours and textures, resulted in assets that exuded both a sense of casual luxury and deep tranquillity.

Photography by Timothy Birch


  • Brand strategy 
  • Brand positioning and Storytelling 
  • Creative and design concept 
  • Brand identity 
  • Illustration 
  • Brand identity roll out 
  • Style guide 
  • Photography brief 
  • Website design