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Spicers Retreats:
Reclaiming relaxed luxury for continued growth.


Spicers Retreats is a boutique collection of luxury retreats located throughout Queensland and New South Wales. In 2011, Spicers refreshed the brand including the introduction of a new tagline: “Relaxed Luxury”.

Seven years on and facing stiff competition in the sector, Spicers undertook a strategic review to consider whether other positioning possibilities would help sustain growth and all-important occupancy rates.


Our discovery phase covered the changes in, and aspirational aspects of the business, including the increasing interest in eco-tourism. Externally, we considered the trends in luxury travel, food and wellness and the growth of Spicers’ traditionally niche segment of the market.


What struck us the most was that the visionary but seemingly contradictory notion of Relaxed Luxury was becoming a battleground for laggards. In fact, many of Spicers’ competitors and peers had used the term on their websites and in their promotional material.

Relaxed Luxury had the potential to become the very definition of Australian five-star hospitality.

Brother’s recommendation was to retain this unique positioning and work harder to reclaim ownership of it.


We wanted to show our audiences precisely what Spicers’ vision was when it created Relaxed Luxury. We wanted to show its many alluring facets and faces. How it could be breathtaking one moment and generous the next.

We wanted to hold up the brand experience and say, “this is Relaxed Luxury”.



With the campaign theme set, we created various scenarios and narratives that showed and explained what Relaxed Luxury means at Spicers.

Simple but evocative, each piece became unmistakably Spicers, all while claiming back our property and displaying large, confident images of our retreats.

We ensured the campaign could just as easily be applied to social assets as to a property brochure or outdoor billboard. It needed to be truly media agnostic.


After creating the refreshed identity and messaging platform, we crafted a toolkit that allowed the in-house team to execute the creative.


  • Brand positioning
  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign concept
  • Campaign identity
  • Design style guide
  • Creative toolkit
  • Social toolkit

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