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Maven Dental:
Wellness begins in your mouth


Maven is a dental group with 117 practices nationwide. Their previous tagline was ‘Dentists for life’. Our remit was to maintain the existing brand logo whilst developing a new brand identity including positioning.

Customers within the category often see little value even in established brands and frequently revert to price in making decisions



We saw an opportunity to build a strongly-differentiated brand in a category with no stand-out players.

A chance to bring the Maven team together to leverage their ambition, strong values and customer focus – to tell a bigger story.



Our strategy was driven by the insight that consumers were becoming more aware of health and wellness.  This trend was evidenced by demand for products and services that allowed consumers to develop better versions of themselves.

These trends and this realisation led us to develop positioning around the concept of contemporary wellness.


The creative jump from ‘wellness’ to a bigger territory – “wellness starts in your mouth” – was a logical step thanks to the strong link between dental health and overall wellness.

The brand positioning was expanded upon with strong messaging reinforcing Maven’s position as – lifelong partners in wellness.


Maven - Creative


Visually, our objective is always brand differentiation.

Maven’s brand category is characterised by a sea of sameness. We saw it as a landscape where a brand could make a fantastic impact.

Our idea was to create a bold visual of a smiling mouth on a pastel background; a unique and super-friendly visual identifier.

From a production point of view, this treatment is relatively simple; and therefore relatively cost-effective to achieve.

This approach offers the chance to incorporate different smiling mouths and colours – keeping the messaging minty fresh.



Maven - Visual Identity
Maven - Visual Identity
Maven - Visual Identity


Maven has launched its new brand and is rolling it out across all of its national practices.


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  • Brand identity
  • Brand style guide

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