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Collaboration that led to better creativity.


CQUniversity has a history of being one of Australia’s most diverse universities. As part of increased Federal funding, they were tasked with increasing the number of First Nations students undertaking TAFE or University studies through the Uni.
With multiple stakeholders and warranted cultural sensitivity, we collaborated with the CQUni Marketing team to manage the whole process, with a focus on inclusion.
This included a series of Stakeholder workshops over Zoom, intensive online and in-person Consumer research, and feedback spreadsheets that allowed everyone in the process to have their say and offer valuable insight into which ideas would work best.


Research told us what the key barriers to enrolment were, along with the power of the Indigenous Student Support Officers we have on-campus.

It was important to us that this campaign fitted under our CQUni Brand Platform of WE SEE YOU, but felt totally relevant to our prospective First Nations students.

Through research and extensive stakeholder feedback, we landed on a sentiment of SEE IT. BE IT which encouraged future students to follow in the footsteps of those that had gone before them. We cast a broad range of real students with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, and proceeded to show them at various stages of their CQUni study journey – for example, hands-on learning in the TAFE workshop, on a welcome tour with a Student Support Officer, even having graduated as a lawyer and working hard for the community.

We found there was real power in featuring one of our Indigenous Student Support Officers in a featured role and highlighting the access students would have to these people through their journey.

We even went as far as to create a bespoke Welcome Video on the campaign website that welcomed students and encouraged them to reach out for further information.

All video footage, photography and website assets were captured on-set at CQUni Mackay to maximise the challenging client budget.





Initial feedback from our stakeholders has been excellent with many praising the work for hitting just the right note.

Traffic to our dedicated First Nations page has been above expectations, with a considerable dwell time on the page as prospective students explore their options and the support available.

We await First Nations enrolment figures becoming available in the first Semester of 2022.

We are very proud to have made a meaningful difference in shaping future lives.



  • Communications Strategy
  • Research facilitation
  • Creative development
  • Production Supervision
  • Asset rollout across TV, Radio, Press and Website

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