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USQ Social Hub:
A portal for meaningful engagement


The USQ Social Hub is a student platform that receives over 25,000 page views each month.

It provides content and resources in the form of blogs, magazines, videos, eBooks, infographics and presentations.

Its purpose is to empower students to reach their individual study goals and make the university more attractive to prospective students, however, the hub did not meet current web standards and offered a poor user experience.

USQ tasked Brother with identifying where the hub could be improved, with the aim of providing easy access to resources to educate and empower students to reach their study goals, increase advocacy of USQ and attract prospective students.


Utilising a mobile-first approach, our design solution focused on fulfilling two key user goals: quick access to all content areas and intuitive share functionality. The solution also applied best-practice learnings from news aggregator platforms.

Early prototyping also allowed for prompt user testing, providing time for design improvements before any code was written.

The design was also optimised for performance to allow for faster download and render speeds on mobile devices in bandwidth-poor locations.


The new site was launched in July 2019 to overwhelmingly positive reviews from both students and faculty members. To date, the site has seen a sizeable increase in visits, shares and dwell times.


For USQ, working with Brother’s digital team is successful, because we work as one team bringing together our respective experts in user research, strategy, design, and development to produce original, creative and effective digital experiences. Brother takes the time to listen to us to understand what we would like to achieve, and provides us with insightful and relevant thinking, and leading UX design expertise.

Nicoli Biggs, Associate Director (Digital Experiences and Marketing)


  • UX design
  • User testing
  • Prototyping
  • UI design

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