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USQ Research:
Showcasing thinking that works.


USQ wanted to demonstrate their world-class research and the tangible actions it inspires under the theme “thinking works”.

Brother was invited to create a web presence.


We believed that the existing theme of “thinking works” effectively communicated the pragmatic spirit with which USQ approaches research.

So, we focused our energy on finding the most impactful way to promote this theme. While we were initially briefed on a site-only project, we argued that to effectively communicate all the great work the university was doing, we needed to be more ambitious.


We argued that USQ needed more than a site.

They needed a central platform that each of the research faculties could fill with dynamic content to tell their stories more effectively.


While working with the USQ digital team to resolve the site strategy, which included full user/persona mapping, information architecture, wireframing, designs and developer guidelines, Brother also partnered with the various faculties to uncover their strongest stories.
Once these were identified, Brother helped to create the scripts for video content, downloadable articles and other resources that were to be featured on the website.

As production commenced with long-time USQ collaborator Daniel Maddock at the helm, Brother fine-tuned scripts and messages to ensure the seamless production of final assets, resulting in a more cost-effective solution for the client than going to an external production house.


The Thinking Works project was USQ’s most ambitious research promotion. However, despite its scale, the entire project, including the 5 videos rolled out in only 2 months, was received extremely positively by internal and external audiences.


  • Concept and language
  • Copywriting
  • Five research content video scripts and productions
  • Website user interface and user experience
  • Website design
  • Design assistance and support for USQ Sitecore team
  • Stakeholder management of senior marketing team and five research departments

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