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USQ: Fearless Inspiration:
Dynamic social platform


The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) was reviewing their creative and digital services suppliers and invited Brother to the pitch.


Finding a unique and ownable space for a university is a challenging task and regional universities are often outspent and outgunned by more established urban competitors.

While working with the internal team, our strategists discovered what was to become the foundation of all brand and recruitment work:

While many universities position tertiary education as a way to change the world, we believed that our cohort had a deep desire to change their world; to advance, grow and feel more confident about themselves, their future and their families.

USQ has shown great relentlessness in growing from a small, regional education provider to a successful multi-campus uni and one of Australia’s pioneers of online study.

We recognised that the brand had resilience and bravery. In short, USQ had a belief that where it came from was never going to determine where it could go.

We argued that arming its students with this same belief was just as important as providing them with a degree.


To inspire first-in-family and mature-aged students to unleash their fearless.


Our phase 1 executions showed how USQ has helped past and present students to unleash their fearless, succinctly communicating each individual’s growth and transformation.

“Discover more than knowledge. Find belief.”

Using powerful portraits and strong colours, the work was eye-catching and inspiring.

A campaign site featuring real student stories added greater credence and credibility before inviting users to select their own path.

Motion assets including TVC and social videos, GIFs and cinemagraphs showed more inspiring stories, positioning USQ as the university that not only arms students with knowledge but with true self-belief.


The Fearless campaign significantly boosted brand awareness and esteem resulting in an uplift in applications.

The campaign was extended and used for ongoing recruitment and post-graduate drives before being replaced by the current “Become More” platform, which shares many of the Fearless campaign’s insights.


  • Brand positioning
  • Campaign concept
  • Campaign identity
  • Photography and film production facilitation
  • Integrated campaign
  • Content strategy and execution
  • Campaign website
  • Radio

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