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Helping parents get on board with the government's new childcare changes.


The introduction of the new Child Care Subsidy in July 2018 would result in certain families being financially better off thanks to a new set of rebate and benefits. G8 wanted to educate parents about the changes and help them understand whether they were eligible for any extra daycare or kindy days.

And they wanted to do it fast, nationwide.


Change often raises suspicion, which is why we’re keen to get to market fast, be clear and direct on the messaging and ensure a strong call to action.

We wanted parents to get on board quickly.


Using a simple animated toy train, we were able to invite parents to jump on board and enjoy the benefits that came with the new subsidy.

We could also use the train’s carriages to create modular info blocks that could feature the most appropriate sub-messages per audience per channel.

These included:

  • Reminding parents to take advantage now, or risk getting left behind
  • Promoting the value of an extra day of care
  • Promoting the benefits of early childcare on children’s language, literacy, numeracy and social skills
  • Reinforcing the importance of consistency and routine for children
  • Talking about the impact on social wellbeing and difficulty in maintaining friendships if children attend day care less frequently than their friends
G8 - Creative
G8 - Roll Out 1
G8 - Roll Out 2


Using childcare centres as ground zero our stage campaign rolled out as:

  • Large formal posters
  • Floor decals
  • Sign-in terminal screensavers

EDMs, direct mail and site assets were also deployed to generate some of the best responses G8 have had to campaigns.


  • Campaign concept
  • Copy and art direction
  • Final art

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