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Brother & co:
Taking your own advice. How does a creative agency promote itself?


Two observations came together to inspire the campaign. First, our clients often remark how reassuring it is to know Brother has their back. Second, prospective clients that happen upon us often quip that with our approach, they are surprised they hadn’t heard of us. Clearly, by obsessing about our clients’ businesses, we are sometimes guilty of overlooking our own profile.


The visuals aimed to capture Brother’s simple ethos of doing whatever it takes to help clients succeed.
In each scenario, we see the meaningful role a brother plays when helping his sibling navigate a challenge.
The integrated campaign was rolled out across Brisbane on a range of channels including outdoor, digital, activation and direct marketing.


Brother collaborated with award-winning photographer Damien Bredberg to bring the concept to life.

It's good to have a brother - Banner 1
It's good to have a brother - Banner 2
It's good to have a brother - Banner 3




  • Self-promotion
  • Art direction
  • Photography production and facilitation
  • Identity
  • Campaign launch
  • Content strategy and execution

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